Recent technological advancement is moving towards a wireless era where every gadget now functions wirelessly. Call us to gather more information.

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Wireless Charging Of PCs And Laptops

Latest mobile smartphones are built with wireless charging technology. Personal computers and laptops are bigger in size than most smartphones, therefore they should not be left out of this technology. Most laptops and personal computers use wired chargers. They should also be developed with the wireless charging abilities. Dell computers were the first company to develop this wireless charging technology but it was not made known as it did on modern smartphones. WiTricity, a building technology company finally gave it a thought and decided to develop a wireless charging technology for desktop computers and laptops. This wireless technology will be incorporated on Dell laptops. Wireless charging technology involves the use of a charging matt which transfers charges to the laptop battery by placing the laptop on it. This is similar to the wireless charging properties of a mobile smartphone. A record breaking improvement in wireless charging technology will be achieved when this is possible at a given distance just as headsets and bluetooth speakers works.


Wireless External Hard Disk Drives

External hard disk drives are developed technology used to combat the challenge of inadequate storage capacities of laptops and desktops. It has been most useful for those who use Macbooks or Ultrabooks which has a minimum storage capacity that is insufficient for a storing complete movie series. External hard disk drives have wired connections and have been very helpful in solving storage space challenges. It would be most useful if it were developed into a wireless technological gadget. My Passport Wireless is a well-developed wireless version of an external hard disk drive. It is a uniquely designed technology which makes use of advanced technology called Wireless N and MIMO technology. My Passport Wireless is used to wirelessly transfer, synchronize and enable computer read files from it. Wireless N is an advanced and innovative wireless networking quality that are used by WiFi routers. It is a major technology that transmits wireless signals from Wi-Fi routers with improved speed. MIMO technology means Multiple Input, Multiple Outputs. It is an antenna that permits the gadgets to act as both the wireless transmitter and receiver of the transferred data. This wireless technology also allows My Passport Wireless to act not only as a wireless storage device but also as a Wi-Fi gadget. It is a larger than most external hard disk drive because it is also composed of a 3400mAh battery, microSD space and a USB 3.0 port for anyone who wants it wired.

Wireless HDMI

Smartphones and laptops have been upgraded and advanced to wireless technology. Wireless HDMI involves replacing the HDMI cords used for DVRs, Blue Ray Players or Games console with a wireless technology. This technology is built like an adapter which can be easily plugged into the HDMI port of your gadget to project your media file.The adapter transfers signal to enable wireless gadgets like laptops, smartphones, DVR etc. However, wireless HDMI technology has not been made compatible with modern technological devices thereby limiting its use. Advances in technology will update HDMI technology to make it compatible to devices for use.

This is an increasing technological era of wireless connectivity.
Wireless technology has made wireless communication possible between two people.
It has also improved the interaction and connectivity of electronic devices and gadgets.
Recent technological advancement is moving towards a wireless era where every gadget now functions wirelessly.
The release of iPhone7 with wireless technology is an important reason why consumers should appreciate this technology and give it more popularity.

Modern technology has made it possible to transfer voices, music, videos, documents and other files via wireless communication.
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